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truth wears pants.

truth rarely presents itself naked and unashamed...

The return

After a long hiatus, I have decided a post is in good order. Plus I can do it on the go with my new app (always a plus). I decided I should not post about too much stuff that I get worked up about. Back when I used to work at the church I was constantly posting what I assumed were scathing and poignant blogs about the state of the church, assuming (I guess) that the whole work would read my post and the church would be radically transformed into what I saw as its best possible self.

No so much.

So I will post about something else (I hope).

For today, I just wanted to say how awesome my daughter Avaliese is. She slept all night and awoke at 10:30 this morning, giving dad the chance to chill and get pumped for a day of school preparation and returning library books and taking out loans to pay library fines...oops.

So, for the zero people reading this, goodbye for another year or two.

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